Update to the blog-o-sphere...

So, I haven't updated in awhile, and it was awhile between the last few posts. Well, here's why:

-I graduated from college with a degree in Media Arts and Animation, back in September
-I spent the next few months trying to scrape together some freelance work while emailing out my resume and portfolio to every studio on AWN and more
-Then, I got a call and was offered a job in New York at a mobile gaming company called "Gameloft" as a "2D Flash Artist" (their term not mine!)

I took the job.

Now, the problem was that in moving to NYC it cost a buttload of money which I didn't have, and so I've been without many things I had in Portland. So I'm basically without any means of creating and drawing as I was used to before; I have no desk, no chair, no bed(I had an air mattress but it popped on me last Thursday at four AM and I've been sleeping on the floor ever since), just a big empty apartment.
Though, I've been writing a story during my twice daily subway rides, that I am planning on turning it into a web-comic to be pitched to any number of the publishers that I am now in physical proximity to (:01 Books is in the Flat Iron building, which is around the corner from my work, for example!).

I'm not even sure anyone has been to this blog in months, except for Becky, who's portrait is below. Though, if you happen to stumble across this for whatever reason, know that I'm still working and will have work to show soon! Though it may not be on this blog, as once I get my web-comic up and running I think I'll be using a WordPress formatted site that I'll attach to my portfolio site for all blogging and updating needs.

Until then, adios!!!!

-Ryan Stark


Been a really long time

Here's a watercolor and ink painting I did for a friend as a "Not So Secret Santa" gift


starkfinsoup.com is redone!!!!

Go check out the new and improved www.starkfinsoup.com, show your friends, and their friends, and anyone else you might give me a job at Pixar, Disney, BlueSky, Dreamworks, etc.


dull green ball of doom...

...is going to get you...


it's coming

an excerpt from my upcoming sketchbook/portfolio, look for it mid September!!!


Been awhile!!!! (yet again...)

...me as a buff John Carter...


website is up!!!!

still needs some tweaking but it's working now!!!